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VMCOTT recognises that fleet management and vehicle maintenance  are concepts that leave many with alot of unanswered questions.  As part of our outreach,  and based on many questions that that we have received from our customers and the generally public throughout the years we have  created this list of FAQs to help you to  understand fleet maintenance, vehicle management and VMCOTT better.

What is Fleet Management?
Does VMCOTT do work for the Police Service and State Corporation only?
How long does VMCOTT take to service vehicles?

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Glossary of Auto Terms
This is your opportunity to upgrade your auto intelligence. This may save you time and money. So the next time your mechanic says that your timing belt is causing your the car to pull to the left... you know its time to get a new mechanic... ...



Vehicle Maintenance Tips
The system reduces fuel consumption by approximately 20%, saving both money and the impact on the environment. The solution is also modular and works on the same platform of our GPS, Mapping and Navigation Systems...


Featured Articles
We have selected a number of articles relating to car care and maintenance, safety and the environmental issues. This section will be updated on a regular basis so you should check back to see what's new....


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