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Customer Service

Customer Service management is pivotal to the effective
performance of VMCOTT's services.
This stems from our acute sensitivity to
the needs and concerns of fleet users. These are
manifested in our communication, decision-making,
reporting and feedback processes which encourage
fleet users to actively participate in management
and maintenance of their fleet.

Customer Relations/Satisfaction Improvement

Meetings are regularly held with our customers to address concerns
or developments likely to impact our service arraangements. Our service,
repair and maintenance philosophy reflect a commitment to efficiency
  • Alacrity - Speed at which work is done
  • Accuracy - Correcting the specific defect
  • Effectiveness - Reliability of repairs

Pricing Policy

VMCOTT utilises a flat rate system, standardised rates and labour charges that allow customers to benefit from:
- Consistency in pricing to our
  customers, and
- Lower labour rates for customers

Additionally, VMCOTT guarantees parts, pricing and all other work at market rates or less as volume increases, all surpluses are passed onto our customers, thereby reducing costs.



Our Customers
  • Trinidad & Tobago Police Service
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Ministry of Health
  • Eastern Regional Health
  • Ministry of Education
  • Tobago House of Assembly
  • Global Medical Response of T&T
  • Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force



Safety IS OUR #1 Priority
VMCOTT views safety as a core value and our philosophy is that our operations shall be conducted with safety as a priority.

VMCOTT recognises its human resources as its most valuable asset and is dedicated to continued compliance with all government regulations, and other standards, pertaining to safety and health. ...


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